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Sunday 30 July 2023

The best STEM learning toys for toddlers

STEM toys for learning to entertain your toddler

Parents of toddlers know that their attention span can be fleeting as they flit from toy to toy discovering the world. So it's important to incorporate STEM learning toys into their development to encourage their learning. 

STEM learning integrates the areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. This helps your toddler develop skills such as problem-solving and creativity. I've put together a list of my favourite STEM toys that Max and I have loved playing with together.

Toddler playing with Geomag Magicube Blocks

Top 5 STEM Learning Toys for Toddlers

It can be tricky to incorporate STEM learning and STEM games into a toddler's play due to age recommendations on the toys but it's important to start early during their core development time. Here are my top 5 recommendations for 3 and under

Geomag Magicube Blocks - £30 - Coolshop*

As you can see from the picture above, Max loved the Geomag Magicube Blocks. It's a 16-piece magnetic set and comes complete with 6 double-sided idea cards. It allows creative play and also a structured method of attempting to follow the patterns by recognising colours and shapes. It helps fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination and spatial awareness. The blocks themselves are chunky enough for little hands and we had so much fun creating new constructions with them it's a great open ended toy. Recommended age 2-5 but Max is using this supervised from 20 months. STEM toy element: Engineering

Bug Catching Kit - £12.99 - Amazon*

Learning about the world around us is super important for little ones. This bug-catching kit is the perfect starter kit for learning about our outside world and the creatures you can find there. It helps build their curiosity about nature while also teaching processes and procedures such as taking care of insects and how they all differ. It comes with an observation box, magnifying glass, capture scissors, and a teasing stick. Recommended age 12 months+ for the equipment but supervision is required if finding live insects to inspect. STEM learning toys element: Science

Sassy Baby Stacks of Circles - £13.99 - Amazon*

Stacking toys are an age-old gift for little ones, but these sassy baby stackers are the best I've come across. It comes with 9 different rings and a stacking base. Each ring is a different weight and texture giving your baby textural variety, especially at a time when they'll be placing everything in their mouth! The rings are nice and chunky to help with fine motor skills. It helps incorporate big themes such as sorting, sequencing, size, and weight from a young age. Recommended age 6 months+. STEM learning element: Mathematics

Computer Engineering for Babies book - £27.50 - Funded through Kickstarter

This was a super niche toy that my husband bought for Max and he absolutely loves it. As a nerd it appealed to Connors nature but it's basically a book with buttons and LED lights that explores basic computer logic gates. These include NOT, OR, AND, XOR and a Latch. The light sensors detect which page is open and acts accordingly. Max loves pressing the buttons and getting the light to switch on and is starting to grasp the basic mechanisms. Max loves using the light switches and this is like a mini version of the same satisfaction. Recommended age: 3+ months. STEM learning element: Technology

LCD Writing Tablet 15" - £19.54 - Amazon*

Harnassing your little ones' creativity and imagination is a huge part of learning through play. STEM learning toys do their best to allow that creativity to flow but sometimes can be quite prescriptive. This LCD Writing Tablet allows your little one to be exposed to Technology while also creating their own art designs. Many people have advocated for Art to be included in STEM so here's a bonus toy idea. After all, without creativity and creative thinking many other aspects of science, technology, and engineering wouldn't be possible.
Recommended age: 18 months+. STEM learning element: Technology

There we have five fantastic STEM learning toys that will help foster your childs learning experience, creativity, and thirst for knowledge. If you happen to have an older child that's needing to their STEM knowledge then check out a whole host of free games they can play. These games incorporate lots of learning opportunities through money, coding, science and simulation technologies while still remaining fun to play.

What is your top STEM toy recommendation?

STEM Learning Toys

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