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Sunday 20 February 2022

Untamed Cat Food Review

 Untamed Cat Food Subscription

My cat Meeko is an absolute top reviewer, if you've been here before you'll know he loves taste testing cat food and playing with new toys from his Gus and Bella box. When he was asked to try out the cat food subscription box from Untamed* he was very happy to help out  

Untamed Cat Food

How the Untamed Cat Food Subscription works

When the creators of untamed had a poorly cat they decided to change their diet drastically to a human-grade whole meat diet and it had fantastic results. Untamed was born which is a cat food subscription service created to revolutionise our felines diets and make them healthier and happier in the long run.

To get the untamed subscription you complete a simple questionnaire on your cat telling them their age, weight, allergies, and taste preferences. This information is used to create a unique to your cat subscription with perfectly portioned meals of fresh whole meat your cat will love

Untamed Taste Test

Meeko stepped up to the plate (his bowl) and was very curious of his new food. Before we served it to him he heard the can, which made him come running - cats just have an innate love for that noise and can hear the can opening from anywhere in the house!

Using the finest meat selections from chicken breast, salmon fillets and shrimps the food is packed with protein in your cats preference of jelly or gravy. The meats are human-grade and gently steamed to create delicious meals for your cats, it's the same meat they would hunt naturally in the wild and is fussy cat approved.

The food is completely hypoallergenic for the more sensitive tummies and has no artificial preservatives, fillers, grains or sugars 

Meeko is a complete gravy lover and his favourite was definitely the Tuck in Tuna with shrimp. He absolutely demolished it. Interestingly he also liked the jelly option which he normally avoids in bigger brands.

He's since tried all of the flavours on the Untamed Cat Food menu and is really happy with all of them. 

The Results

Since changing his diet to Untamed, Meeko looks much healthier. His coat his shinier and his bowel movements much better. Which as an indoor cat is better for everyone involved. 

He finishes every meal and I love how they're individually portioned and packed full of everything he needs. I can tell that the product is created with so much love and attention with the felines at the heart of it. What's even better is the protein in the meals are responsibly sourced and cruelty free and packaged in 100% recyclable packaging

It's incredibly easy to set up, and easy to cancel if you decide it's not for you. The food is delivered straight to your door leaving you with no pressure to remember to buy the cats food and as they're individually portioned you don't cause any mess when plating the food up. And of course the food arrives in a box that your cat is bound to love to play in after!

If you fancy trying out Untamed yourself for your cat you can get a trial box for £8 so don't miss out - your cats will thank you for it

What's your cats favourite food?

Untamed Cat Food

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