Room Makeover - Incredible Living Room Transformation and where to buy

Room Makeover - Living Room Edition

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At the beginning of this year, I wrote about how I bought a house and just how I planned on transforming my new build property. Well being stuck at home with nothing to do has meant that my room makeover moved forwards and I've now managed to completely transform my space and make it more homely. 

Here's the before picture:

Room Makeover Before Picture

There wasn't anything majorly wrong, but it was just very magnolia and boring and definitely needed a touch of life brought to it. So I did my research and picked all of my favourite pieces and got to work over a lockdown weekend

Here's the after pictures of my room makeover:

Alice in Sheffield Room Makeover

Alice in Sheffield Ikea Bookcase

I am so completely in love with my living room now! Here's a few highlights and where you can buy all of the fab products:

Once I'd painted and decorated the room and added all the big furniture I added lots of touches of personality to make it feel like a home that's lived in such as my Sheffield pictures or my TV inspired cushions and I love it.

Boostology Volcanic Potpourri

One of my favourite new additions is a Volcanic PotPourri from Boostology* it's an eco-friendly essential oil diffuser, the porous lava rocks soak up the fragrance and slowly releases the scent into the room

It's made from natural materials with lava rock often being used for calmness and strength. I've been using the sunshine smell of bergamot and grapefruit and now my room makeover is divine. It looks gorgeous and now smells amazing too. I love entering the room and picking up the smell of the stones. It's ultra stylish and a perfect addition on my floating shelves

Room Makeover - Living Room

What's your favourite part of your living room?

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