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Saturday 26 August 2023

Top 10 Toddler Travel Essentials

Travelling with Toddlers - Essentials you absolutely must take on vacation

Travelling with a Toddler is like a military operation. Even going out on a day trip can feel like a challenge to remember anything so when planning our boy's first plane journey and trip abroad I've put a lot of thought into the travel essentials we're going to need to make it as smooth as possible. I've also been using other family holiday tips to make sure we're fully prepared and keeping costs down.

Toddler Travel Essentials

10 Toddler Travel Essentials

Swimming Float Discs - Amazon - £14.39* 

First up is definitely a must if you're going somewhere with a pool or lots of beach time. These float discs work really well at aiding floating and helping your little ones learn to swim. Max is an absolute water baby and I imagine that's where we will be spending the majority of our time so a set of float discs to go with us is better than being ripped off for inflatables/armbands at a hotel store

BabyBjorn Mealtime Set - BabyBjorn - £35*

If he's not in the pool splashing around it's highly likely we will be found enjoying the delights of the all inclusive buffet. Such a good idea with little ones as they get to try a little bit of everything. As meal times are going to be so different it's nice to provide some normality such as their usual dinner set. This will help them regulate and understand what's happening as the familiarity will signify food. We love this mealtime set from BabyBjorn, super easy to clean and helps your little one if they're feeling independent and want to feed themself

Boon Snug Straw - Amazon - £8.99*

If your little one is independent with their food it's likely they are with their drinking too. While an open cup is easier when in your home setting if you're looking for something to stop the spills then a Boon snug straw is a great idea. It will fit onto any cup and turn that into a non-spill cup with a lid and straw. Perfect to chuck into your bag for any excursions or time away from the hotel when you can't guarantee what drinking receptacle you may get

Leopard Print Baseball Cap / Giraffe print Bucket Hat - Little Hotdog Watson - £30 each*

If your holiday destination is of the sun-kissed variety then hats are an absolute must for your little ones. The range of hats at Little Hotdog Watson is ultra stylish and cool with some really high-tech features. The fabric helps with temperature regulation, protects from UVA and UVB rays up to factor 50+, and also has a buzz-off repellent to keep mosquitos away. So your little one can look fashionable while you can be reassured they are also keeping safe in the sun.

Jungle Formula Insect Repellent - Amazon - £6.99*

Insect bites aren't fun for anyone so it's best to protect from it happening with the range of products from Jungle Formula. Designed to repel mosquitoes and biting insects it comes in a variety of forms from aerosol to spray or even a roll-on. You can even get a plug-in to protect you during the night in your hotel room.

Balmonds Cooling Cream / Balmonds Skin Salvation -  Balmonds - £19 / £7.99

Your skin goes through a lot while you're on holiday and toddler skin even more so as it's much more delicate. Whether the chlorine in the pool has dried the skin out, the hot climate or even a rogue insect bite Balmonds have you covered. My two essential items are the Cooling cream which will help moisturise dry or flushed skin and the Skin Salvation which is a more targeted moisturising balm. They're both made from completely natural products and are a great way of caring for your skin during the holiday season and beyond. 

Sudocrem little pot - Amazon - £8.92 for 3*

Do you even have a toddler if you don't have a pot of Sudocrem basically everywhere? I have a huge tub upstairs and then travel pots in varying changing bags. Basically I'm never without the stuff and going on holiday is no different. The classic cure for any type of nappy rash or skincare complaint I genuinely think it's a lifesaver for both toddlers and adults. Don't sleep on sudocrem for adult complaints such as razor burn, sunburn or even spots and acne.

Magic Touch Mini Piano - Hape - £9.99*

Having a discussion with your toddler about which toys to take on vacation is painful because they don't understand you can't just take everything. I recommend a couple of new novel toys that are both small and easy to pack and also plane-friendly. The Magic Touch mini piano meets that criteria, while it's not silent for the plane it is much better than a screaming child so needs must! You can create your own music or listen along to existing melodies and its easy to pop into your handbag if going out of the hotel to keep your toddler entertained

The Traitors card game - GingerFox - £10.19*

Depending on the age of your toddler will alter what your evening plans look like. Some may love the momentum of the nighttime entertainment whereas some may need their normal bedtime routine after a busy day swimming. It's a good idea to take something to entertain the adults too just in case you need to spend time in the accommodation whether due to naps/night time sleep or even to get out of the midday sun. The traitors card game is a new special edition game based on the hit tv show play your role as faithful or traitor and stay undetected till the end to win the prize pot. If you loved the show this is bound to be up your street and keeps the older members of the family entertained while the little ones sleep


Yes my final essential is the most important of all. A passport. Because you're getting nowhere without one, it's really important to plan ahead and make sure you apply in plenty of time so you don't miss any deadlines. Childrens passports run out quicker than adults too so make sure you have a check before booking any getaway.

10 Toddler Travel essentials to make your holiday a breeze. I'm sure I'm going to have tons more come to me and after the experience, I may learn lots of new tips and tricks for surviving travel with a toddler.

What's your top toddler travel essential?

Toddler Travel Essentials

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