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Wednesday 21 September 2022

4 Winter Cleaning Tasks You Can't Ignore

 Winter Cleaning tasks you need to tackle

We all hear about spring cleaning and getting your home ready for the spring-summer season but what about winter cleaning? Winter cleaning is just as important if not more important. Now I'm not talking about the everyday cleaning tasks, I'm talking about the tasks you put off for rainy days. Well surprise! A UK winter means tons of rainy days to get those winter cleaning and winter maintenance tasks tackled.

Winter Cleaning

Oven Cleaning

Now we're entering peak cooking season with warming food and skipping out on the salads and bbq food it's time to get your oven in tip-top condition to avoid any roasting mishaps. A big job like cleaning your oven can be put off quite often whereas cleaning the kitchen worktops you probably do daily. It's important that you use the proper cleaning equipment to keep it food safe but also make sure you get all of the shelves out, the oven door scrubbed until it's sparkling like brand new. One other aspect with the Oven is the extraction fan / cooker hood. Grime can build up from frying food, fats and oils can get trapped. While you don't have kitchen duct cleaning regulations like a commercial kitchen it's important to still give it a good clean to keep it working correctly

Cupboards & Pantry

Heading into the winter season is the perfect time to take stock of the food in your house. It's well documented that prices of pretty much everything is on the rise so check what you've already got and get your masterchef hat on to create some recipes. I use an app called Supercook which allows me to add all the items I've got and gives me a whole list of recipes I can create. In summer we tend to lean towards fresher ingredients whereas warming comfort meals will use up some of the cupboard ingredients you've got. Check through your items see what's gone out of date and give your cupboards a good clean out.

Clean and bleed your radiators

With the cost of living crisis, gas and energy bills are beyond extortionate. While we wait for government intervention it's important you do what you can to maximise the heat you are getting. Bleeding your radiators will mean that the heat flow is consistent across your radiator. Give your radiators a thorough clean with a multi surface cleaner to get any dust off the surface and invest in a long handled radiator brush* to remove the dust inside your radiator. This can increase your radiators effectiveness by a whopping 30% so absolutely worth doing 

Clean your carpets

During the winter our time spent indoors and at home increases significantly, therefore dust, hair and general mess gets on our carpets much more. To get that cosy soft feeling underfoor it's super important to give your carpets a really thorough clean and dust - I use the Hoover Vacuum H-Power 300 to give my house a thorough clean. It's hard work and a real work out which is why it's better suited to the cooler weather but the difference to my carpets is unreal.

Hopefully these winter cleaning must do's will help you keep your home clean, tidy and cosy while also helping you utilise what you already have and maximise it's potential

What's one winter cleaning task you always do?

Winter Cleaning

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