What material should you pick for your kitchen worktops?

Making the right choice for your kitchen worktop

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Hands up who spends hours pouring over Pinterest looking at beautiful homes and how they can create them. Since I bought my house last year I'd say I spend a lot more time putting these ideas into action and working out how I can get my dream home. I've done a fair few posts on the home from remodelling your bathroom to simpler tasks like styling your bed like a hotel but one area I haven't covered too much is the kitchen.

Kitchen Island Worktop

The main reason I haven't covered it is I was super lucky in that my home was a new build so was already kitted out with a brand new kitchen including Kitchen Worktops* so it's the last room in the house I've felt needed any work, but that doesn't stop me lusting over what I might change it to in the future my main desire is a beautiful kitchen island. Somewhere I can bake and prep but also be used as a dining space. One of the most important things when considering a huge change such as worktops in your kitchen is what material to use?

Kitchen Worktop Materials

It's important when making a choice on materials to consider what you want to use the kitchen for and how durable you need the surface. Do you want natural stone? Granite? Marble or one of the many many other options. Or would you rather DIY your kitchen worktop there are tons of tutorials demonstrating how to do it

Personally, I think if I'm going to have a kitchen island that's going to be the feature of my kitchen I want to use the finest quality materials to get the best finish and effect using natural stone from around the world. If it's going to be a feature you know it's going to be the best. I've fallen in love with the idea of a Neolith Worktop*

Why Neolith?

If you haven't heard of Neolith I wouldn't be surprised as I said I've been putting far too much energy into researching kitchens and how I'd like mine to be one day. 

It's basically a new option for a stone called Ultra Sintered Technology, it's basically a fusion of ceramic and porcelain mixed with other materials such as quartz, feldspar, glass and silica which makes it incredibly durable. I'm not a careful person so I'd need a really durable kitchen island worktop and I also want it to grow with my family so it needs to be hard-wearing for future little terrors. Neolith countertops are impact-resistant and highly scratch-resistant. It's also resistant to high temperatures which means I can stop worrying about marking it with pots and pans after cooking or baking. The colour ranges are incredible and I definitely have my heart set on a beautiful white countertop to really bring light and air into my kitchen

Changing my kitchen and incorporating an island could be a while away but that doesn't stop me lusting after them

Neolith kitchen worktops

What would you change in your kitchen?