How to increase domain authority on your blog

Improving your domain authority

If you've landed here you're probably thinking what the hell is domain authority? Why is it so important and how can I increase domain authority on my blog? So many questions and if you're new to blogging I'd definitely take your time learning and researching around DA and PA (page authority) and how to increase them. To save you time I've created this definitive guide on how to increase your domain authority. Some of these steps will literally take you five minutes!

5 Sheffield Takeaways Near Me Reviews

Best Takeaways Near Me

Back when I created my 101 in 1001 list one of the goals on there was to order from every takeaway that delivers to me on Just Eat. I don't know about you guys but I love a takeaway, pizza would be my cuisine of choice but I'm open to trying new things and as I'm just coming up to one year in my new home and address I've started making a little dent in this by trying the takeaways near me and reviewing them trying to work out my new favourites

9 Free Stock Photo Sites for the Best Blog Images

Best Stock photos and royalty free images for bloggers

As a blogger one of my main passions is writing, I adore creating content and getting my words onto the web to get a viewpoint across, now most readers are now very visual so my words will be accompanied with images. Unfortunately, I'm not an excellent photographer (working on it) so I utilise free stock photo sites to get the most beautiful royalty free images to showcase my work. I've put together a list of a whopping 17 free stock photo resources for you to give your blog beautiful imagery featuring one image I've found on each site simply searching "flat lay". These sites have been a complete lifesaver after I relaunched my blog so I thought I'd share what I found with you!

9 Things to do in Sheffield in May

What's On In Sheffield

Hurrah it's a new month (almost) Happy May everyone and welcome to the second edition of my Things to do in Sheffield feature (you can read the April feature here). I've had brilliant feedback and I'm glad you guys are loving my ideas on how to get the most out of our gorgeous city so let's get into What's On locally this May

6 Things Every Blogger NEEDS to know about taxes

UK Tax Tips for Bloggers

So you've been blogging a while, or maybe you're a new blogger on the scene? Eventually, your thoughts will turn to monetising your blog, I relaunched my blog in March but I've been registered as self-employed for a few years now due to making money via other blogs. As soon as you start making money you need to declare it, this could be through sponsored posts, affiliate links, selling items etc. Does this sound like you? Then you NEED to read these tips before you start to make sure you're all set on the tax front before you start earning. As April is the start of the tax year here in the UK I thought I'd put together my top tips you absolutely need to get started