6 Things Every Blogger NEEDS to know about taxes

UK Tax Tips for Bloggers

So you've been blogging a while, or maybe you're a new blogger on the scene? Eventually, your thoughts will turn to monetising your blog, I relaunched my blog in March but I've been registered as self-employed for a few years now due to making money via other blogs. As soon as you start making money you need to declare it, this could be through sponsored posts, affiliate links, selling items etc. Does this sound like you? Then you NEED to read these tips before you start to make sure you're all set on the tax front before you start earning. As April is the start of the tax year here in the UK I thought I'd put together my top tips you absolutely need to get started

Yearly Planner for Blogger Tax

1) Register as self-employed

Well, this should be blatantly obvious right? But the first thing you need to do is register as self-employed you'll get your own unique tax reference (UTR) through the post and then you're pretty much good to go. If you do have any questions before you register then definitely ring the self-assessment helpline - they're super helpful and helped me figure out how it would affect my tax and NI in my full-time job

2) Keep accurate records

This is absolutely crucial to make it as simple as possible, as soon as you register as self-employed you need to start tracking all your incomings and outgoings (these can be expensed). You could hire an accountant to help with this or make your own version on excel - I have a blogger taxes spreadsheet from Kona Seven who I highly recommend

3) Learn about expenses - what you can and can't expense

Blogging obviously incurs some expenses so it's important to keep a track of anything that's associated with your blog, for example, your blog theme, tool subscriptions (Tailwind, buffer, Hootsuite etc.), Paypal fees and a proportion of your electricity etc. However other things can't be expensed such as client entertaining, items you'll use again such as clothes etc. 

4) Monetize your blog 

Now you have a handle on expenses it's time to kick ass and make lots of money! There are so many ways to monetize your blog so get out there and explore - my favourite ways are through sponsored posts, affiliate marketing and Google Adsense. But the possibilities are endless, You can make products, sell them, run courses let your imagination run wild

5) Organise your emails!

Once you've started monetizing it's crucial just like keeping accurate records that you have a good organisation system in place, this can save you a whole heap of time at assessment time. It means you'll have all your invoices, receipts and blog discussions saved by month making it easier to decipher and find things if needed 

6) Always pay attention

Taxes change a lot, allowances and what can be expensed etc. so keep up to date with current affairs and chat to other people in the blogging /self-employed community you're all in the same boat so don't be scared to have a chat about taxes, they don't have to be confusing

Blogger Tax Tips

What self-employed tax questions do you have?

Dumbo Movie Review

Dumbo the flying elephant

I've always been a huge Disney fan, I spent hours and hours watching all the Disney movies when I was younger and even went to Walt Disney World last year, so I always eagerly anticipate the live action remakes. Dumbo was always one of my favourite Disney classics and with the original Dumbo being from 1941, I was keen to see how the story would work in Dumbo 2019 and just how well the live-action remake could be

As ever this review was from a Cineworld Sheffield visit, other cinema reviews include Us and Captain Marvel

Dumbo Movie Review

The Review

If you're not familiar with Dumbo from 1941, it tells the story of a touring circus with all the traditional circus acts such as magicians, acrobats and a few weird and wonderful acts too. The ringmaster happens across a pregnant elephant and Dumbo arrives shortly after

One thing I've not been keen on with previous live-action films (Jungle Book) is that the animals felt very CGI. I absolutely fell in love with Dumbo as soon as I saw him, he's absolutely adorable, his ears are so big and floppy and they somehow really made his eyes full of emotion, you could see every wrinkle and at times I forgot I wasn't watching a real elephant

The new Dumbo movie for 2019 is directed by Tim Burton who I'm a huge fan of, he does sometimes make his films a little bit on the darker side but I felt he was very true to the original Dumbo film in terms of the feeling, sweetness and general story overview but there were some minor tweaks to make it work in the modern era. It's awash with extravagant colours and circus displays, it demonstrates a very vivid imagination that we've come to expect from Tim Burton movies

The actual story itself is a classic, and the cast chosen really shone, from 'Rongo the Strongo' to the cute white mice everyone's a little different in this circus and don't quite fit in anywhere outside the circus world. It's a family, and Dumbo is at first reluctantly accepted. The big soaring emotional moments of Dumbo being separated from his mother and the first time he flies are enough to bring a little tear to your eye

There are elements I felt could have been fleshed out, more character development of certain circus performers or plots explored further. But I think we have to remember this film is aimed at children and the visual effects are absolutely stunning. For a live-action movie, I was very pleased and left with a warm fuzzy feeling, definitely a feel good film that the kiddies will love

Alice in Sheffield rating - 7/10

Dumbo Movie Review

Have you seen Dumbo?

How to use Toughened Glass to brighten your home

Interior Design Tips Using Toughened Glass

When I moved into my home last year it was a new build, it has a lot of magnolia walls but is practically a blank canvas for me to put my own stamp on. I've spent a lot of time trawling the internet looking at interior design and have decided I'd like a modern look. The clean edges, neutral colours and bringing glass into the design to brighten my home is what I'm looking to achieve

Glass Bannister Home

One of my favourite places is in my living room next to my toughened glass* patio doors. It's my favourite place because it literally covers the whole room in sunlight and really brightens the whole place up, which got me thinking about how I could use this in other areas of my home? While also helping to improve the modern look I'd like to achieve 

Hallway / Stairs Modern Decor

I really want to update my hallway and stairs, it's often the most used yet most overlooked area of the house. It's the first thing you see when you walk in the front door and I think for most people it's just 'there'. While looking at Modern homes I've been really drawn to the ideas of a toughened glass bannister. I think it would transform that whole area and really bring it together with the kitchen making the rooms more fluent and allowing the light from the kitchen windows to cast as far as the stairs

Bathroom Modern Decor 

The bathroom is one of those areas that naturally you'll have quite a modern feel already, I know I already have a glass shower screen but one idea I've fallen in love with is the idea of a glass printed door, you can get so many cool designs and finishes and I think it would really complete the look. With my bathroom cleaning hacks, it shouldn't require too much maintenance either

Bedroom Modern Decor

We're still in the process of making everything perfect in our home but I've got my heart set on beautiful big wardrobes with mirrored doors, our bedroom window is practically floor to ceiling and I think adding in a mirrored wardrobe will really open the room up and provide it with lots of natural light

Little Touches

Of course, some of the above ideas require a lot of hard work and architectural changes to your home but that's not the only way to bring glass finishes into your space. A toughened glass splashback above your hob would be easy to install, glass furniture such as a coffee table or kitchen table will provide reflecting qualities. Or even smaller things such as a beautiful glass vase or candles with glass designs can help give little finishing flourishes to your home

Toughened Glass Home Interiors

Is your house of modern design? 
What other interior design looks do you like?

Fat Hippo Kommune Sheffield Review

Finally a Fat Hippo near me

I've been excited for Kommune opening in Sheffield since it was very first announced way back in 2018, I eagerly watched it being transformed and listened to all the announcements of the independent traders who'd be occupying the space. When Fat Hippo was announced that they'd be bringing their delicious burgers, food and fat hippo sauce to Kommune Sheffield I was completely sold! I knew it would be my first stop and I have to say it did not disappoint

Fat Hippo Burger

The Basics

Fat Hippo Sheffield Location: Castle House, Sheffield, S3 8LS
Fat Hippo Sheffield Opening Hours: 9am - 11pm Tuesday to Sunday
Do they deliver: No this one doesn't yet, but their other restaurants do so maybe in the future 
Price Point: ££
Dietary Requirements: Vegan / Vegetarian options. Will try to cater other requirements
Order: Fat Hippo Burger, Dirty Waffles (together in a meal), Diet Coke = £16
Top Tip: The Fat Hippo Sheffield menu has lunch options, try your favourites but a little smaller, a little cheaper but just as delicious

Fat Hippo Sheffield

The Review

Fat Hippo have been setting the North East alight with the kind of gluttonous burgers that leave your hands messy and a little food baby. They're incredibly indulgent but born out of making great burgers well with gourmet toppings. Strange but delicious combinations and yummy sides to complete your meal. I spent a fair while perusing the menu before I decided on their namesake the Fat Hippo Burger

The Fat Hippo Burger is a toasted demi brioche topped with 2 beef patties topped with streaky bacon, chorizo, cheese and a huge onion ring, smothered in their legendary Fat Hippo Sauce. I upgraded my fries to the dirty waffles which again contain the Fat Hippo Sauce and this time we have crispy bacon bits added to the equation. I took an order tile and went and found a seat in Kommune. It's a lovely open space where you can literally order from any of the eateries and eat together so perfect for those of us with fussier friends or those who can't decide what to eat.

Once my tile buzzed I went back and picked up my order. This could be tricky if you were on your own to secure your seat and it remain empty for picking up your order but I think they're working on these things. I was presented with the burger of my dreams, it did not disappoint at all and looked utterly mouthwatering. The first bite confirmed my suspicions that this was not just an ordinary burger, it was the give me more right now kind where you can't say words just the 'mmmms' keep coming. The patties were melt in your mouth, the cheese gooey and delicious and the streaky bacon deliciously crisp. The waffle fries were golden and tasty and I can't explain how amazing it all was. I don't think me and Connor spoke until we both finished

Not only do they offer delicious beef burgers, but they also offer chicken, vegetarian options, vegan options and ever changing specials. They even have milkshakes which are definitely on my next order. It was pure gluttony and your waist line won't thank you but my god your taste buds will. I really enjoyed the food and the vibe of Kommune was really friendly and relaxed. I think it's the perfect space for Sheffielders to embrace these delicious bangin burgers

Fat Hippo Sheffield

Have you visited Fat Hippo?

Coping with a long haul flight as a plus size girl

Plus Size Travel Tips You Need

In November 2018 I went to Florida and it was genuinely a holiday of a lifetime like I'm going to really struggle to top it. I went Disney crazy and adored every second of living and breathing the theme parks (if you're planning on going check out my Disney Planning Timeline), but the journey there was the first time I'd been on a plane for 4 years, and the longest flight I've ever managed. A short haul flight never seems too much of a problem because you just grin and bear it, it's usually over within a few hours. But with an 8 hour+ flight I needed some serious thoughts going into how to cope on a long haul flight as a plus size girl

Long Haul Flight As A Plus Size Girl

How is it different? Some people may ask. No-one enjoys long flights right? Absolutely. But if you're not plus size, or on the bigger side you won't understand the additional concerns and issues you can run into so here's how I managed to cope and make my flight quite enjoyable

Pack as much in your main luggage as possible

Planes are not known for being the roomiest of places, and while I know some people like to get every kg of space they can I like to pack everything possible in my main luggage so that I'm travelling quite light on the actual flight, this I always find means less awkward lifting and trying to get things as you'll have your cute handbag with just the essentials

Seatbelt extender

These can be bought beforehand or even ordered beforehand if you think you might edge near the belt limit then get one. It causes no harm at all, if you take your own then only you will know the difference and it is so worth it to be comfortable


This should be fairly self-explanatory but comfy footwear is an absolute must! I recommend trainers or a comfy pair of ballet shoes you can easily slip off. I'd also definitely invest in a good pair of compression socks. Compression socks can help your feet by improving circulation and help prevent swelling and deep vein thrombosis


If you can pre-book seats then do it and make sure you have an aisle seat, it gives you that extra little bit of room as you're not squashed against a window or up against someone else, it also lets you walk up and down the aisle without disturbing your row, if your flight isn't full moving to different seats where there are a few empty ones together also increases your comfort levels


Planning is crucial to enjoying your flight and your holiday. Check out your plane beforehand including seating sizes to see if you need a seat with extra room, check out your destination and have a real think about things that could happen and how you can deal with them such as weight restrictions for certain activities, appropriate clothing and chafing gel for everything! Pre-planning the awkward moments mean they'll be resolved before you go and you're fully prepared for everything.

You've got this!

Most importantly beyond all these tips is to remember what a damn amazing girl you are, like seriously grow yourself a thick skin because some people are just not kind (although interestingly I found America to be so pro-body it was glorious - I even wore a bikini!) Make yourself comfy on the flight, read a book, watch some movies and just tune the world out because in a short time you'll be on the holiday you've waited all year for

Plus Size Plane Travel Tips

What are your long haul tips?