How to buy a second hand car

Saving Money By Buying a Second-Hand Car

Buying a car! Apart from buying a house, it's one of the largest and most important purchases most of us will make. It's something that we rely on and use on a daily basis to get around, commute to work, have adventures so it's crucial we get it right! I've had my car close to two years now and it was a second-hand car purchase, which I know some people worry about but there are some really easy tips and tricks to make sure you're getting the most for your money and staying safe on the road.

8 Things to do in Sheffield in July

What's On In Sheffield

Can you believe we're over halfway through the year? You wouldn't know it with the weather outside but we're officially in summer now so it's time to find lots of cool summer activities and things to do in Sheffield (previous monthly editions can be found here: April / May / June )

Day Zero 100 day update

101 in 1001 days - 100 day check up

Way back in March I began my Day Zero 101 in 1001 days project where I picked 101 goals I want to complete in the next 1001 days we're now 100 days into my challenge so effectively 10% of the way there so I thought I'd do a little update on my progress so far.

Hotel Du Vin York Afternoon Tea Review

Champagne Afternoon tea at Hotel Du Vin York

York is one of those places that I just adore visiting, it's such a quaint city that has an oldy worldy feel combined with flashes of modern day life, I love that it embraces its history and maintains that magical feel (Diagon Alley in Harry Potter was based on the Shambles) because of this it draws visitors from all around. One of the things York is renowned for is its wide array of afternoon tea venues. I had the opportunity to review the Champagne afternoon tea at Hotel Du Vin York* and I was very eager to get started. A quick train ride from Sheffield on what has to be one of the rainiest days in June I was thrilled to be out of the rain and welcomed into a genuinely beautiful space.

How to remodel your bathroom

I was incredibly lucky moving into my home in that the Kitchen and Bathroom were brand new as it was a new build home and I understand that for a lot of people this isn't an option. If after cleaning up the bathroom it's still not hitting the mark then don't worry! Remodelling a bathroom doesn't need to be a distant dream and it can add such value onto your property it's definitely worth the investment